Unscripted Love.

Sweet, mysterious, dangerous, fresh and new...
I am falling, being swept away, by this unscripted love...
I glory in the sweetness of your touch...
        ...the softness of your embrace...
This love is sweet as honey, new as a baby's first breath.
I cherish the moments, the memories, the dreams for tomorrow...
This love unscripted is a gift transcending the bounds of time, space, and all mortal capacity.
A taste of the heavenly, the aroma of paradise.
Once this love was nearly lost and with it my dreams.
Dreams of plentiful harvest, of riches untold.  Dreams of fairy tale love and the innocent ring of tender laughs, of the musical beat of little feet.  Dreams of the bounty reaped from days of toil.  I dreamed, I dreamed 'til time stood still. 
As I faced the prospect of giving you and our child unborn into eternity I wept as I stood by, my dreams seemingly running dry.
It was then I gave you completely to the eternal God.  To Love never failing I clung, thankful for my dreams, content to wait for the sweet embrace awaiting when I joined you in eternity.
Hoping, praying, trusting in Him who gives good gifts I continued to plow the fields, sow the seeds, and hold out for a harvest of plenty, whether in this life or the one to come.
As those moments of uncertainty and fear passed, replaced by that joyful first cry, I wept tears of joy, "Faith is born!".
Oh how sweet was that dream of days past, of the childhood tale, of the happily ever after.  Sweeter still is the story that has no end, of a mysterious and dangerous unscripted love.

Written By: Tim Howes


  1. My husband Tim wrote this the other night. Each line has meaning from different times in our marriage. Tim is my best friend and the love of my life. I am proud of him and the leader that he is in our home.

  2. Hey Tim and Nicole.... This comment is totally off of this topic, well kind of.... but, Im not a face-booker and I wanted to say Congratulations on your baby news!! That's soooo exciting! Can't wait to watch you walk into this new time in your lives. -Julie Guillen