Inconvenient encounters

My mission for the afternoon was to get homework done in my Theology class. I have been so far behind and struggling to get caught up. 

As I sat outside of Starbucks reading my text, a cop strolled over with a woman in her 40's and told her to "sit down and wait." 

I tried to mind my own business. I tried not to be distracted by someone else's problem. I tried to focus on me and what I needed to accomplish. 

But God kept telling me to look up and notice her tears. To see past my agenda and notice the pain and hurt she  was facing. 

I put my book down and walked over to the woman. Her eyes were filled with tears and her hands was working fiercely to wipe them away. She was trying her best to keep herself together. 

I didn't have anything "spiritual' to say to her so I simply put my hand on her shoulder and said, "Can I buy you a coffee?" 

As she looked up and her eyes met mine, choking back tears she replied, "Yes, please!" 

I took her order and walked into Starbucks to purchase her drink. I took that time to ask God, "What next God? How do you want me to act and respond to this sweet lady?" 

I retrieved her drink and went back outside. I heard the Lord speak to my heart and say, "Just set it down, smile at her and walk away." 

God but……

"Walk away, Nicole. Walk away!" 

I walked away and returned to my book. As the woman sipped her coffee a fountain of tears flowed down her cheeks. I don't know what she was facing or why the cops were talking to her companion 100 feet away, but I waited. 

As I waited, I prayed. 

Just then she looked up and said, "Thank you ma'am. Thank you!" Her tears seemed to flow faster and her voice cracked from the pain she was experiencing. 

It was then that the Lord said, "Go!" 

I left my seat and walked over to her. I said, "what's your name? " Sobbing she replied, "Lynn." 

I said "Lynn, I don't know what you're facing and I don't know your story but I know Jesus. I know the one who knows and created you." Her sobs turned into a smile. I asked her if I could pray for her and the situation she was facing. 

We sat outside with everyone staring asking God to intervene on her behalf. 

Everyone around was staring because the police were all around and the scene was chaotic, but God was staring at her heart. He wanted to meet her in the midst of the chaos and speak directly to her.
I never found out the situation or heard her entire story but I didn't need too. My role was to buy a coffee and remind her she wasn't alone. 

Moments later the cop approached us and told her he would drive her home. I squeezed her arm, smiled and walked away. 

The cop loaded her up into the car and as the door closed she looked up and mouthed, "Thank you!" Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" Tears rolled down her cheeks as they drove away. 

I don't know her story, but God does and He cares. 

Have your eyes open and be ready for 'inconvenient' encounters. Encounters that don't make sense to you but make sense to the person you are asked to love on. 

You don't have to have all the right words to be used by God. Be willing to respond however God prompts you too. 

It may just be to buy a cup of coffee or hug someones neck. 

Respond as the Holy Spirit directs and trust Him with the outcome. 

Ask God for an inconvenient moment. Ask Him to give you opportunity to serve someone else and love them right where they are. 

Be you today! Be obedient to the task at hand but be willing to be interrupted by someone else.

Ask God how you should respond and then proceed. 

Be blessed today. 


  1. Oh yes!! Loved this Nicole and I got goose bumps!! Such a great reminder thank you!!

  2. Great reminder about those God-ordained appointments. :)