"Code Adam"

Have you ever been in a situation where you knew you had to keep it together even though you knew your world was about to fall apart?

As a young mom of two and pregnant with our third, I experienced sheer terror in the middle of a large department store.

It was a snowy day outside. We had just met my husband's brother and his family for lunch. After, we decided to make a quick trip into the clothing store. My little four year old Caleb was a sweet, quiet, very well behaved little guy.

My mom and little brother Justin (only 7 at the time) went one way in the store, Tim and Ellie (not quite 2) went off in another direction.  Caleb and I were talking and looking through the clothes racks.
In what seemed like less than a second, I looked back and Caleb was gone. Immediately my heart began to pound. Did my curious little guy wander off? Was he hiding?

I started to yell his name, "Caleb." Quickly my calm voice turned into a louder more intense "Caleb!!" "Caleb!!! Where are you?!?!?" I caught Tim's eye from across the store and yelled "He's gone! Caleb's gone!!"

In the chaos, the department store employees were notified and over the loud speaker I heard words that made my heart stop.

"Code Adam. Code Adam" and they began to describe Caleb to anyone in ear shot. This also alerted all of the employees to lock down the department store not allowing anyone in or out.

I was frantically searching everywhere. Crawling on my hands and knees, looking under racks.

I looked up just as security was walking with my sister. She looked at me with tears flowing down her face..."they need us to identify him on the security camera." She proceeded to walk toward the back of the store into the security area.

I was a desperate mom! I was desperate for my baby. I began to beg God for my sons safe return. I remember looking down at my big pregnant belly and pleading in my head with my Father. It wasn't very 'spiritual' but it was all I could do.

I uttered these words under my breath. "Lord, if its not to late and he's not already gone, can I please give you something in exchange for my boy? I don't know this baby in my belly yet and I know that I will love her but if I have to give her up just to have Caleb back... I'm prepared to do it."

One of the security guards approached me and said, "ma'am we're still looking. The news is on the way and if you are willing we would like you to make a statement asking for his safe return." He also informed me that they were searching every trunk and vehicle in the parking lot.

What?!!! Why is this happening?!

"Oh Lord!" I cried. I was desperate. My little guy was gone!

More than a half hour passed with no sign of Caleb.

Many years later just thinking about this event makes my heart pound and tears flow. I was desperate for my boy and was willing to give up anything to make sure he was returned to me, including giving up my unborn baby.

Wow! Is that how God felt knowing He was sending his son to the earth, taking the place of a dying world? He was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice so that you and I could be found and returned to his arms.

I felt so heavy and weighted down. I wanted nothing more than the safe return of my lost son.

From across the store I heard, "I found him!! He's right here!"

I looked up and saw my little guy. I hadn't allowed a single tear to fall down my cheeks until that moment. When I saw him walking hand in hand with a little lady I ran to him. Tears flowing and arms stretch out, I sobbed. He was safe... He was back in my arms.

I asked him, "Caleb, where were you?"

His reply still stirs me today. "Mom, I was tired... and I didn't want to bug you. So I laid down under a rack to take a nap."

My friend are you weary? Are you tired?

Are you afraid if you cry out, your Father in Heaven will not listen or perhaps you will just be bugging him?

Have you grown tired of walking around? Do you feel like giving up and just laying down?

I wish my son would have cried, "Mom, I need you! I'm so tired and I can't keep going. Will you carry me?!"

I was desperate to hear Caleb's voice and was willing to do anything for him to be returned safely to me. In the same way God is desperate to hear you cry out to Him. He wants to hear your voice! He is calling out 'code Adam' for everyone in ear shot to hear. Your description is out and he has made a plea for your safe return.

Perhaps you feel like Caleb today...


.... God has been asking you to search with him tearing apart cars and getting down on your hands and knees searching for his lost kid.

Today, you either need to call out "I'm tired!" and keep yelling it until your picked up or you need to be listening for those people in your life who's faint cries need to be heard.

Share this message and send out a 'code Adam.' Let people know that you are there. Or shoot me a message (or anyone for that matter) that declares you are too tired to keep going.

Be blessed today!!!

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  1. When Becca was little (4, I think) she wandered off from us at Walmart. We had a Code Adam and a few moments of blind panic. We found her in the van - she had wandered off from us, couldn't find us right away, so went and got in the van to wait for us.