Will you grab ahold of the hem of His garment? 

Listen and share. 

Leave me a comment... Conversation is awesome in understanding who we are. 

--Nicole Howes


  1. Nicole, I wish that I had been able to spend some time with you at She Speaks. It never ceases to amaze me how our Father works. We have very similar testimonies. I know the certainty of blessings of which you speak. I wish I could say that in my experience I was more peaceful but I wasn't. I had a different journey to take to reach a different group of women but... your words touched me and gave me a new perspective. Thank you.

    Beautiful, amazing... Hugs!!

    Oh, and if you are interested my testimony about my son is listed on my FAQs page. I'd love to have you guest post some time about your experience. Many women face these situations every day. These seeds could be planted for those very times in which they need them.

  2. Amy, what is you blog? I would love to read it!!! I would love to guest blog. I wrote a blog about this situation called "sing to me" it's in the archives.
    Email me a link to your blog or post it on here so others can see!!!