Day 13: Love Always Perseveres

                                                 Love Always Perseveres.

Who doesn't long for a good love story?

                     Disney has offered us story after story of 'happily ever after,' however we tend to took at the end of the story and forget all the in between.

Snow White, was fairest of them all and that enraged the queen (her step-mom) so much that she stopped at nothing to destroy her.

                    Cinderella, had a step mom that was consumed with jealousy. Her jealousy drove her to do unthinkable things to her step daughter. She forced her to work in terrible conditions. She treated her poorly, disrespected her, abused her and disregarded the value she had as daughter of the king.

Ursula, couldn't stand King Triton and sought to destroy him. His daughter Ariel was bright eyed and adventurous. She longed to experience what 'others' experienced and wanted to carve out her own path. She made a deal with 'the devil' in order to have what she wanted.

                      Sleeping Beauty... oh sleeping beauty... from the moment of her birth the evil witch sought her destruction. The king and queen (her parents) went to great lengths to protect her from the evil plan that threatened to destroy her life.

Simba, sweet little Simba... His father held him up and declared to all of his kingdom that he was the 'chosen' son. From a cub everyone knew that one day he would sit on the throne. Everyone including the jealous, evil Scar. He trapped Simba and made him believe that he was responsible for the unthinkable. He robbed years from Simba's life, took what didn't belong to him and declared it as his own. Scar prided himself on the destruction of Mufasa's kingdom.

In fairy tales the girl always gets the guy... the kingdom is restored and the rightful king is declared...

But what about the in between time?

If you have accepted Christ's forgiveness and have allowed God, the King of Kings to be Lord of your life then you are currently in the 'in between' time.

You will walk through times when you feel like Cinderella. When your life looks the same day in and day out. You long to experience the joy that others have. You long to be pursued and rescued by the handsome prince. At times you have been so close to 'having it all' until...

                            Simba forgot who he was... He forgot that he was the son of the king. He gave into Scars lies and gave up on a future that involved being who he was born to be.

Disney offers us more than beautiful endings, they show us perseverance.

                                                             Love Always Perseveres         

Happily ever after here on earth is never promised....
                          We are all in some way living out our own modern day fairy tale...

The fairy tale doesn't happen without the story. The story involves perseverance!

                        Perseverance involves sacrifice.

Have you been so caught up on the what if's... what could have been... the how's and the why's?

Perhaps everyone around you is getting married, having babies... enjoying life...

Perhaps you are married and your happily ever after has turned into a prison sentence and you feel chained and shackled to a life you never wanted.

Are you battling a terrible illness that seeks to rob your purpose, your joy, your life...?

Or maybe you have bought into the lie that you will never.....
Perseverance comes when you are willing to walk through hard times.

Perseverance happens when you are living.

We all walk through hard times...

                             What does your persevering look like...?

Simba, Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel..... None of them knew that what they were doing was persevering.

At some point in all of Disney stories the main character realizes that they have a role to play. They realize that they were chosen for something.

Perseverance is Biblical... Jesus persevered!

Moses persevered... David persevered... Abraham persevered... Paul, Noah, Isaac, Joseph... They all persevered.

There is a point in all of our lives when we must chose to persevere or throw in the towel.

Any marriage that has lasted any length of time tells a story of perseverance.

                           The fairy tale doesn't just happen...

Perseverance always comes down to your will... your choice... your decision...

Perseverance is a "steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state,etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement."

Are you willing to persevere?

                       What are you facing that God is calling you to love (persevere)?

If love always perseveres then it is willing to face whatever may come and it will persistently pursue the heart of God.  

Are you pursuing being right? 

or....           Are you pursuing a life that loves above all else? 

Love Perseveres! 

Love perseveres... It walks through the pain, disappointment and misunderstandings. It sacrifices, it gives up self for the reality that you are a child of the KING! Perseverance laughs in the face of the villain and it is willing to slay the dragon. It doesn't turn around and give up, instead it presses on, asks for help, takes an army into the battle. Perseverance isn't going at it alone... instead it recognizes that you have a role to play and that the story is not yet finished.

Will you love intentionally today? 

Don't miss a chance to love. Take a moment to listen. 


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