Get away....

Baby screaming, toddlers need to be fed, run the kids to football, wrestling, piano, go to work, laundry, life group (small group), meetings, dishes, phone calls, emails to return, spouse upset and needs more of you... ahhhh!!! The list just goes on and on.
Life is just plain frustrating at times!! Everything is pulling at you. When do you get to scream, "Calgon take me away!"
How can you offer anything to anyone when you barely have time to breathe?
We all have days that life just beats us down. Days that as soon as your feet hit the floor you wish you could climb back into bed and start it differently. You think maybe all of this would disappear and not be so demanding on you.
These are the moments that it is okay to put your kids in their rooms, and hide for a moment in your closet. Do the drop off at practice and sit for a moment in your car. Push away from your desk at work and take a bathroom break. Lock yourself in the stall, just get away!
It is necessary to get away if only for a few moments. Hebrews 4:16 instructs us, "Let us come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need."
Don't take another grumbly step until you obtain mercy and find grace to help you in this overwhelming time of need.
Don't forget that Jesus himself had to get away.
Mark 1:21-34, describes one of the busiest days in Jesus' ministry. He had taught in the synagogue, healed all he encountered, and drove out demons.
But.... The next morning he got up early while it was still dark and went to a solitary place and prayed. vs. 35.
Everyone and everything was demanding Jesus' attention: Simon and his companions went to look for him and when they found him, they explained "everyone is looking for you!" vs. 36-37

Sound familiar in your life?

He knew what pressure felt like and gave us a way out, a way to be ready for the next moment or day. Because Jesus took the time to get away and pray he was ready to get back in the game. In verse 38, Jesus is now ready to go into other villages and do it all again. He was recharged, renewed. He sought after the heart of his father.
We are not promised that life as a christian will be easy, but we are promised that He will be right there with us.

Isaiah 41:13 "For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will be with you."

He is right there with you. Stop and pause for a moment in your crazy day and say, "Lord I need you!"
He will come to your rescue. You are precious to Him! He longs for you to seek after him and find rest in His arms.
Will you stop for a moment, "in the moment" and not take another step without Jesus holding your hand?

Lord, I am weak, I am vulnerable to everything that is coming at me. Come to my rescue. I surrender everything to you Lord right now! I don't want to take another step without you. Give me patience and understanding in the craziness of my day. You are always stable, always calm, always a loving father. I trust you with my day. I trust you with my future. --Amen

Now breathe and rejoin the living without grumbling. Display the joy of the Lord. You have purpose in this organized chaos called life!

--Nicole Howes

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  1. Sounds very familiar, the best part about days like this are that He rescues me again and again!

    Thank you Jesus for your grace when I get caught up in me, your mercy when it's only the world that I see and your outpour of peace when you recapture me... again and again.

    Great post Nicole!